Happy Herbal Blend 2.5 kg – $60 (members)   $70.00 Retail

HAPPY HERBAL BLEND: Do you have a horse behaving badly? Perhaps sometimes verging on being dangerous or simply not able to do something that you have requested? Happy Herbal may assist in balancing hormones in mares, geldings and stallions which can sometimes be the cause of unwanted behaviour. Happy Herbal may also help with underlying soundness issues, allowing your horse to work to his full potential and is an excellent digestive tonic. Very palatable and easy to add to the feed. Contains: Chaste Tree Berry, Organic Chamomile, Devils Claw, MSM & Peppermint.
Do not feed to pregnant mares.
Some herbs may swab.

Comfort Blend   1 kg – $40.00 [members]  $45.00 Retail

This is a unique blend of supplements to help horses experiencing pain and some soundness issues, gain quick relief and comfort. The combination of Devils Claw, MSM and Rosehips works as a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory, along with boosting the immune system and circulation. Equine Comfort Blend can be used safely as an alternative to ‘bute’ and is far less likely to cause gastric ulceration.

Not for pregnant mares.


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