Allergy Ease Blend may help horses that experience an allergic reaction where the source isn’t known. It is a blend of Burdock, Clivers, Nettles, Peppermint, Brewers Yeast, Rosehips and Echinacea. Boosting the immune system can sometimes be half the battle won. That along with cleansing the blood, eliminating toxins and alleviating fevers,
Supporting the adrenal glands & nervous system and utilizing anti histamines & antioxidant properties all help to reduce allergic reactions. Keeping your horse clean and cool will also help in the fight against over reacting to allergens.


Improves exercise tolerance, power output, stamina, endurance and focus.

It is suggested that adding Beetroot to the diet will enhance a dark coat and make it either darker or richer in colour.

It is rich in antioxidants and contains beneficial polypehonols including resveretrol and quercetin along with anti-cancer agents.
Beetroot is known to boost energy and stamina, and to make the muscles work harder than usual.
It also reduces the negative effects that physical exercise might have on the body.
The vegetable is a rich source of vitamins: it has vitamin A, B6, B12, and C. It also contains important amounts of potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, folic acid and betaine.


BREWERS YEAST : Brewers Yeast is natural Vitamin B complex. It contains B1, necessary for the health of the nervous and digestive systems. B2, for the eyes, lips and mouth. B3, for balance of the adrenal gland. B5, resisting disease. B6, nervous system, appetite, digestion, liver, red blood cells and resisting infection. B12, lethargy and anaemia.


Are you struggling to put weight and or condition on your horse? Bulk Up Blend is a combination of herbs & supplements that help those horses who are poor doers or have been debilitated through sickness or injury, to gain and maintain weight and condition. Do not feed to pregnant mares. * The small 2 kilo size is appropriate for minis – horses need 4 kilos to give this blend time to show good results. Contains: Celery >> Garlic >> Rosehips >> Dandelion >> Seaweed >> Fenugreek >> Linseed Meal >> Brewers Yeast >> Soybean Meal >>


Burdock is used to treat skin conditions such as dry, scurfy skin, eczema and recurrent sores. It cleanses the inner workings of the horse, including the blood. It also assists in eliminating any build up of toxins via the skin and disperses excess nervous energy in a hot horse.


Calendula is commonly used for treating cuts and wounds of all kinds.  It is anti-inflammatory as well as being anti-fungal and anti-bacterial . Traditionally it has been used as a Blood Tonic and good for circulation problems. It is very high in sulphur so will aid all skin problems if used internally or externally.  Calendula is a valuable herb for digestive inflammation and may be used in the treatment of gastric ulcers.


Celery is a good cleansing, mildly diuretic herb, useful in ridding the system of an accumulation of waste products.  Other uses are to treat arthritic and rheumatic conditions.  Celery can also improve the circulation of fluids and encourages a horse to drink and sweat more easily.


Chamomile is an important digestive, nervine, anti-arthritic, anti-spasmodic and anti-allergy herb, used most widely for its calming and relaxing effect on horses, especially those prone to loose manure or scouring.  It is an anti-inflammatory and may help in reducing allergic responses.  It is rich in Calcium and supports the body’s skeletal structure.  Chamomile is also recognized as being ulcer-protective through its healing effect on the mucosa of the gastro-intestinal tract.  It may also be applied externally as a wash to soothe allergic skin conditions.

Some herbs may swab


Chaste Tree Berry is primarily used to help balance hormonal irregularities in mares that may be displaying discomfort, erratic or “bitchy” behavior when they are in season.  May be used in conjunction with Chamomile. Chaste Tree Berry has also helped some horses suffering with Cushings Disease.


Some of the benefits that have been documented are: improvement of the Immune System, reducing joint inflammation, having a calming effect on horses and also being beneficial for weight gain.  Also noted is its capacity to improve healthy strong hoof growth, skin and coat condition. Chia is one of the highest plant sources of Omega 3, also containing Omega 6, is high in Calcium and Magnesium along with Iron, Potassium, Vit C,A,B12 and many Amino Acids.