Itch Blend is a blend of herbs that help those horses prone to allergic reactions from biting insects, and also those suffering itchy, irritating skin diseases. It helps to purify the blood, is high in Silica and helps promote mane and tail growth.
The blend doesn’t stop whatever is biting your horse, you still need to feed Garlic, spray with an insecticidal spray, rug or whatever you’re doing – but it stops or reduces the allergic reaction, so the lumps don’t come up or are reduced and there’s no itch.
BURDOCK: Burdock is a blood purifier for skin problems including dry scurf, sores, boils and other breakouts.
CHAMOMILE: Chamomile is soothing, calming, anti-allergy, helping horses prone to allergic conditions affecting the skin.
CLIVERS: Clivers is an antiseptic herb. It is high in Silica which helps Calcium condition hair and skin which makes it useful in promoting mane and tail growth.
NETTLES: Nettles addresses itchy, irritating skin diseases. Used as a general tonic to cleanse and feed the blood.

Supplements can take up to six weeks to get into a horse’s system.

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