Raspberry gives tone to the uterus, so it is very beneficial for a mare  that is having difficulty falling pregnant and also assists the recovery of the uterus  and encourages milk production.  Raspberry also addresses diarrhea and upper  respiratory tract discomfort or inflammation..


Rosehips are extremely high in Vitamin C as well as containing many other vitamins – one of which is Vitamin E.  The Vitamin C in Rosehips acts as a natural antihistamine, which can assist the allergy-prone horse.  They have a high mineral content including Copper and Cobalt.  They can be used as a general tonic and may be fed on a daily basis.  They are particularly useful after any stress, illness or injury and are beneficial for the health of the lungs.  They also contain Biotin for strong, healthy hoof growth.  Rosehips are a circulatory herb and an immune system booster.  Rosehips can also help alleviate gastric inflammation and scouring.