1.25kg Wellbeing Blend + 1 kg Itch Blend

1.25kg Wellbeing Blend + 1 kg Itch Blend


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1.25kg Wellbeing Blend + 1 kg Itch Blend

Itch Blend is a blend of herbs that help those horses prone to allergic reactions from biting insects, and also those suffering itchy, irritating skin diseases. It helps to purify the blood, is high in Silica and helps promote mane and tail growth.

The blend doesn’t stop whatever is biting your horse, you still need to feed Garlic, spray with an insecticidal spray, rug or whatever you’re doing – but it stops or reduces the allergic reaction, so the lumps don’t come up or are reduced and there’s no itch.
Some herbs may swab.


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Chamomile >>
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Well Being Blend is a blend of Rosehip, Garlic, Seaweed, Brewers Yeast, Soybean meal, Linseed Meal & Chia Seed
This is a great combination that offers all natural vitamins, trace elements, minerals along with Omega 3 & 6 and the wonder seed Chia. This will ensure your horse’s diet does not consist of synthetically manufactured minerals and vitamins which are difficult for the body to metabolise. Instead, you can guarantee quality and freshness control. You WILL notice the difference.


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Seaweed >>
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