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Itch Blend is a blend of herbs that help those horses prone to allergic reactions from biting insects, and also those suffering itchy, irritating skin diseases. It helps to purify the blood, is high in Silica and helps promote mane and tail growth.

The blend doesn’t stop whatever is biting your horse, you still need to feed Garlic, spray with an insecticidal spray, rug or whatever you’re doing – but it stops or reduces the allergic reaction, so the lumps don’t come up or are reduced and there’s no itch.
Some herbs may swab.


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 4 reviews
by Paul Atkins on Itch Blend
Itch blend

I have struggled with an itchy horse for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything under the sun. The cost has been huge along with new rugs just about every week! This blend actually worked. It took longer than I had wanted but after three weeks and a little tweaking of my horses diet (no molasses) and adding some Peppermint etc. I now have a beautiful shiny, happy, un itchy horse. I can't recommend this highly enough!!!!!

by Suzanne on Itch Blend
A miracle

Thank you so much Lisa McCann Herbs for suggesting I try the Itch Blend. I have watched my horses over the years tear themselves apart on anything standing. I couldn't keep rugs on, was embarrassed to go to any shows or even my local pony club because my horses looked so shabby. those days are gone! I really can't believe how simple it was to change this horrible nightmare around. I now have horses that are glistening with healthy coats and finally manes and tails!!! Thank you again, I can HIGHLY recommend this blend. Your prices and service are fantastic too - just thought I'd throw that in. Thanks Suzanne

by Seanna Coley on Itch Blend
itchy horse

This blend is without doubt the best thing since sliced bread. My poor horses seem to have just got worse and worse over the last twelve months with their itching. My clydie cross had no tail or main to speak of and one of the ponies was covered in lumps and sores. The itch blend worked on all of them but it took longer for the smaller ponies for some reason. I still spray morning and night but don't have to keep them covered from top to toe now. HUGE relief - thank you

by Jenny on Itch Blend
Thank you!!!
Review: Itch Blend relief

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I've gone through so many rugs and repairs, vet bills, shampoos/washes etc. This worked so well and relatively quickly with no chemicals which never really worked anyway. I have a happy and content horse now.

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