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Lisa McCann Herbs
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 by Gill
Devils Claw

Wow, is all I can say! I had a laminitic pony and being in rural SA, it is difficult to a vet. After three days of being on Devils Claw, MSM and Nettles, she is pain free and cantering around the paddock. So, I started giving the same to my 27 year old Shettie. He has just started leaving his stable and trough area, for a graze in the paddock. He is walking far more freely too. Now I am giving my old Cushings girl Chaste Berry. Hopefully she will start to feel a bit better. I am so happy that I found Lisa and her herbs.

 by Paul Atkins
Itch blend

I have struggled with an itchy horse for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything under the sun. The cost has been huge along with new rugs just about every week! This blend actually worked. It took longer than I had wanted but after three weeks and a little tweaking of my horses diet (no molasses) and adding some Peppermint etc. I now have a beautiful shiny, happy, un itchy horse. I can't recommend this highly enough!!!!!

 by Edward Ball
Review: Itch Blend

I have been using this Itch blend for 3 years now and have one very happy horse. I'm also using it on our two dogs. I feed it to them, and bathe it on twice daily. I can't believe the results. thank you so much for suggesting this as an alternative to cortisone. Highly recommend. Thank you - Eddie

 by Julie-Anne

Hi Lisa, Just wanted to say thank you for suggesting chamomile tea for my young Stockhorse "Soloman". I give him and my 31 year old thoroughbred horse "Boots" 1/2 cup everyday and when I ride Soloman I give him 2 cups an hour before riding which calms him down considerably. Soloman was broken in late and can be quite nervous and use to do U turns & then take of when he was frightened, But thank goodness not any more. I'd recommend it to anyone. Thanks again Cheers Julie-Anne

 by Lisa
Jewels (Equine "personal" Trainer!) @ Chesneypark Equine Centre

We have used herbs with natural diets for many years now and find that 'ALL' our horses not only look fabulous, but seem to act and perform at peak levels! Lisa McCann Herbs are so pure n clean, I use them with total confidence for the horses both 'large' and 'small'. Having a 38yr old horse that looks fantastic and can run, jump and 'kick up his heels' is testimonial enough to the advantages of natural herbs in a horses diet. Thank you LIsa ūüôā

 by Paul Trevor

Hi Lisa. I have fed my horses your Combo for many years now, and have found that all horses condition, without exception, improved, and they have been much healthier and happier on such a natural feed, without fizzing up. All of my customers, I have referred to you, have found the same. And, your service is always great. Thank you, Paul.

 by Debbie Keen

I have been using Lisa's herb supplement know for almost a year and i can see such a great change in all my horses. Feeding your supplement has given me the three main requirements i have worked so hads to achieve with all my horse (fantastic coats /good condition but most off all-settled attitudes.) Over 30 years i have feed many top brand supplements but i havent been as happy with the results as much as i do now. I cant thank Lisa enough for such a fantastic product.

 by Anonymous

hi lisa, we have been using your devils claw and also feeding the sujested herbs you advised and my son's 19 year old showjumper is fit and healthy and still very competitive. great to be able keep him competing, my son happy, and husband even happier at not having to purchase another horse.!! thanks bundy

 by Janet Hamblin

I find Lisa excellent to deal with. I contact her for help and advice and it is always spot on. My horses are constantly fed the garlic/rosehips/seaweed blend and are never unwell as well as looking great. I have started an older one on Brewer's Yeast and have used Chamomile for a nervous TB. All under Lisa's recommendation. I recommend her to everyone interested in looking at more natural diets for their horses.

 by Jodie Tryer

I changed to Lisa's Combo mix after seeing how amazing her horse Matrix looks and my 20 year old stockhorse has never looked better or been in such good health. I agist and the combo mix gives me peace of mind that my boy is getting all that he needs. After trying so many supplements Lisa's combo mix has shown the best results. I highly recommend it. Thank you Lisa from Ace and myself. Jodi

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